Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Salam to all,

Mystery gift with every purchase :-)

Stock is very very very limited. First come, first pay basis only :D

Please be informed that our old number - +6013 221 9893 is currently not in service. Please email us or sms to this number: 019-915 4118.

Please note that all the price is excluding postage cost. Only Pos Laju option is available within this sale period. RM6 for 1 piece and RM7 ++ for more. Please email us for details.

Model that has NO ENTRY sign means that they are out of stock already. Please check the status of the stock before making your order :-)

Pashmina Sabrina
Before RM45, then RM35, NOW RM30 only!

ST02 Light Brown - Paid
ST02 Light Brown - Paid
ST05 Purple - Paid
ST02 Light Brown - Paid
ST03 Dark Brown - Paid
ST09 Green - Paid
ST02 Light Brown - Paid

2T07 Creme - Paid - Now Out of Stock!
2T03 Pink - Paid - Now Out of Stock!
2T09 White - Paid - Now Out of Stock!
2T05 Maroon - Paid - Now Out of Stock!

Pashmina Liyana
Before RM52, NOW RM45 only!

WR01 Dark Brown - Paid
WR08 Dark Red - Paid - Now Out of Stock!
WR11 Dark Green - Paid - Now Out of Stock!
WR12 Light Brown - Paid - Only 1 pc left!
WR03 Pink - Booked - Now Out of Stock!

S105 Purple - Paid - Now Out of Stock!
S110 Pink - Paid - Now Out of Stock!
S101 Blue - Paid - Now Out of Stock!
S109 Dark Green - Booked - Now Out of Stock!

SD06 Maroon - Paid - Now Out of Stock!
SD07 Dark Violet - Paid - Now Only 1 pc left!
SD02 Dark Blue - Paid - Now Out of Stock!
SD04 Dark Brown - Paid
SD01 Brown - Booked - Now Out of Stock!
SD04 Dark Brown - Paid, Now Only 1 pc left!

S2T11 Brown 3 - Paid
S2T01 Black - Paid
S2T12 Blue 1 - Paid - Last 2 pieces left!
S2T01 Black - Paid
S2T13 Blue II - Paid - Now Out of Stock!
S2T08 Creme - Now Out of Stock!
S2T07 Purple - Paid
S2T01 Black - Paid
S2T02 Turquoise 1 - Paid
S2T04 Red - Paid
S2T07 Purple - Paid
S2T09 Brown II - Paid

2T06-L Grey - Paid
2T03-L Hotpink - Paid
2T03-L Hotpink - Paid
2T07-L Creme - Paid - Now Out of Stock!
2T01-L Black - Paid
2T06-L Grey - Paid
2T01-L Black - Paid
2T08-L Light Brown - Paid
2T08-L Light Brown - Paid
2T01-L Black - Paid
2T01-L Black - Paid
2T06-L Grey - Booked - Now Out of Stock!
2T01-L Black - Booked

2T15-L Turquoise - Paid - Now Out of Stock!
2T17-L Violet II - Paid
2T13-L LightPink - Paid - Now Out of Stock!
2T17-L Violet II - Paid - Now Out of Stock!
2T07-L Creme - Paid
2T18-L Dark Blue - Paid - Now Out of Stock!
2T16-L Creme II - Paid - Now Out of Stock!
2T14-L BlackWhite - Paid
2T14-L BlackWhite - Booked

PPo2 Pink - Paid
PPo9 Brown 5 - Paid
PPo2 Pink - Paid
PPo8 Green - Paid
PPo3 Brown 2 - Paid

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nisa' Indoor Games 2009

Assalamualaikum wrh wbt,

We are glad to announce that we'll be opening a booth at the NISA' INDOOR GAMES 2009 this Saturday! Detail as follows:

Date: 25th April 2009, Saturday
Time: 7.30am - 6.45pm
Venue: Dewan Jubli Perak, Bangunan Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam

Those who are interested to see/feel/touch/try out our collection, please come and meet us over there! We'll be there by 10am 'til 3pm, insya-Allah.

Special discount/stock clearance sales awaits you!

Plus you can walk-in and be the participants for the indoor games organized by Nisa'. Who knows you might walk away with handsome prizes and beautiful Tudung Pashmina too! ;-)

Details of the events are here.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

Testimonial II


Assalamualaikum wrh wbt,

Alhamdulillah, today we received another lovely testimonial from a satisfied customer, Arni. She bought 8 Tudung Pashmina for herself! :-) Thanks a lot Arni for your review! We really really appreciate it ^_^

Here goes the testimonial (she scribbled this in her blog)

Remember my previous entry about pashmina? Finally I received the order. It's Max Azaria Collection. Melampau nih, sekali beli banyak betul...

I got myself 5 pcs 2 tone Pashmina (Pink, Green, Cream, Violet and Maroon) and 3 pcs One colour pashmina (Hijau lembut, hijau lime, purple lembut - but actually pinkish purple) Rega nyer? kira la sendiri.. hehe..

Actually dah pakai yang Cream dan Violet (picture -photographer is Aufa yer) and today I'm wearing hijau lime. Sogan den nak letak gambar den yg ala2 tembam tu, tapi sajer ler, nak tolong promo perniagaan orang Islam. Untung pulak warna jubah tu boleh masuk betul dgn kaler violet tu. Cuma yg maroon jer belum ada padanan bajunyer.

Sejuk hati pakai pashmina ni sesejuk kainnya. Lembut dan jatuh elok jer bila dipakai. Tidak jarang. Tidak terlalu labuh dan tidaklah singkat. Kena pandai2 adjust lilitan atau sematan pin tu. Paling best sebab ada awning siap maka tak perlulah anak tudung berawning, cuma pakai hairband jer kat dalam untuk elak nampak anak rambut. Ataupun boleh pinkan bawah leher (I really need to as my face memang kecil, tudung I yg siap jahit mmg ketat dgn orang lain). Kalau pakai pin/keronsang kena hati-hati sikit takut tertarik benang dia.

Tapiiiii, kena basuh dengan tangan. Jangan sesakali basuh dengan washing machine, nanti rosak tudung tu terutama bahagian juntaian hujung tu akan crumble dan berselirat. Tak comei nanti. Basuh pun cepat kering sebab ringan jer kainnyer.

Masa pakai pashmina instant Max Azaria ni pergi jalan-jalan/shopping rasa best jer sebab takde orang lain pakai tudung yg jenis sama. Sekarang ni kan popular dengan tudung ekin (yang singkat tu). Kalau ada pashmina pun yg biasa jer (takde awning). So, senyum ler sorang2, perasan best sebab tak sama dengan orang lain. Eksklusif ler konon. Hehe.
Sweet Arni posing in her Pashmina 2-Tone Embossed Maroon ^_^ Arni, do enjoy all your collection yah! Take care!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Testimonial I


Assalamualaikum dear readers and customers,

We just wanna share a lovely testimonial from our latest Tudung Pashmina wearer - Aznin. This is what she wrote in her blog. :-)

To those of you who are tudung/hijab wearers or plan to start wearing...check out this site. I bought one recently and am quite happy with it. If you're a housewife like me, chances are you rarely go out shopping. I can't remember the last time I bought a tudung for myself. The tudungs that I wear these days are mostly gifts from relatives who went makan angin in Indonesia. You know, the easy-wear, hassle-free type. I love those and wear them all the time (see my profile picture).

Anyway, this site I'm recommending sells pashmina tudung. I love this tudung for a number of reasons...

  1. Senang pakai...sarung je...
  2. Light-weight so if you belit2 pun it doesn't seem like you're wearing a neck-brace underneath your tudung hehehe
  3. It's long enough for a variety of styles
  4. Long enough to double it up as an instant wrap (like a shawl) in case I'm feeling a little chilly - imagine dalam panggung wayang and you forget to bring your sweater!
  5. In case in the future you want to upgrade to tudung labuh, this one works. No need to buy new sets of tudung.
So there you go! Thanks Aznin for your review on our collection! We heart it! She has bought several tudungs from Pashmina 2-Tone Embossed and Pashmina Sulam Timbul.

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Place your order now! ^_^

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