Friday, December 26, 2008

Tips for Newbies!

Assalamualaikum wrh wbt,

To date, after about quarter a year introducing MaxAzaria's Collection - Tudung Pashmina Sabrina, alhamdulillah, we are very happy with the response given by our customers about the product. :-) Most of our customers and agents are from 'off-line' communities, and after some thought we think it's time to broaden our market to 'on-line' communities i.e. via www.

We really appreciate your views and comments to ensure the quality of our products can be improved from time to time.

Anyway, for first time buyers who might be clueless with which Pashmina Design should they chooses from, here are some tips:

1. Our evergreen and Best Selling Tudung/Hijab is Pashmina 2-Tone Embossed. The material is rich, soft and silky. Hundreds of these design have found their 'new home' for the past few months :-) It was a hit for Eidul Fitri this year and still going strong. Many prefer this over the others simply because it is suitable to wear with any printed Jubah/Abaya, Baju Kurung and Jubah Seluar. Because the garment is plain (with beautiful embossed print), it fits most clothing in your wardrobe - just like Tudung Bawal, . The only different is that, Pashmina is not transparent like Tudung Bawal (unless we stated so), so rest assured Insya-Allah, you can wear this as your 'telekong' when you want to perform solat.

Our Best-Selling Colours? BLACK, MAROON, OLIVE GREEN and BROWN!

2. Type of Material : we categorized the Hijab into 3 types of material; light-weight, medium-weight and dense.

Light-weight: Suitable in all weather.
Our Product: Taj Mahal, 2-Tone Embossed and Sulam Timbul

Medium-weight: Slightly thicker than light-weight. Suitable in all weather.
Our Product: Turkish Delight, Blooming Rose, Batik

Dense: Tighter weave, densest of all 3 materials, suitable for travelling and in air-conditioned area
Our Product: Silver Queen and Rainbow

3. Measurements: The dimension of the Hijab/Tudung is quoted as following:

Tudung Pashmina with Awning has 2-unequal-length sides represented by LENGTH A and LENGTH B, all are measured in inches.

If you're still stuck, do contact us. Let the experts do the job!