Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tudung Pashmina Instant

There are lots of tudung or hijab in Malaysian market these days. Whether they are from abroad (Dubai, Indonesia, Turkey, China etc) or locally made, the choice is abundant.

At MaxAzaria, our aim is to provide the best quality of hijab that is ‘Syariah Compliant’. Having our own brand name – MaxAzaria Collection, we are dedicated to offer Muslimah in Malaysia and also worldwide, another style and way of wearing your hijab. Pashmina is never out of style, and due to that, we ‘engineered’ the garment and transformed it to Tudung Pashmina Instant!

So what is Tudung Pashmina Instant?

Basic structure of the tudung looks like below. It has an awning so the pashmina is hassle-free to wear. It also has two unequal-length sides, the right one is always longer than the other which is essential for you to add-in style in wearing the hijab.

You may click here to get the feel of how to wear our Tudung Pashmina Instant. Women will never had enough of Tudung in their wardrobe (just like shoes!), so why not trying one of our collections or just buy it for someone that you think will like it. Who knows, you might made someone’s day a little brighter :-)